Siri Server on

With this server you can connect to Siri on older iDevices. The server uses Wolfram Alpha API, Google API, Yahoo API,  Microsoft API and Galactic Information Service to support info to Siri. You can also use some Android devices to connect to this server. This Siri Server is different from the Apple Siri Server and can anwser questions about galactic, UFO and spacepeople related topics.

How to set up:

1. You need a jailbroken (rooted) iDevice. Go to for instructions about jailbreaking.

2. Download Spire, Spite or Ac!d Siri to your iDevice. Download Ac!d Siri here. Just download the file and install it with dpkg or iFile.

3. Go to settings in your iDevice and type in your Spire or Ac!d Siri settings.

4. Install the Certificate from here. After the Certificate has been installed try to use Siri saying test or testing. If Siri don't respond reboot your iDevice and try again.

5. You can install an app on some Android devices to connect to this Siri server. Download this app and install it. When the app are installed type in the server field and 444 in the port field. On Android you don't need to install the Certificate. Downlad SVOX Classic TTS or Ivona voice on the Android device to get a good voice for Siri.